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WizSmart Dog Pad Ratings & Reviews

"WizSmart pads are the best pet pads out on the market. I love how super absorbent they are and I highly recommend them to all dog parents!"

Abby Chesnut, Facebook Review - Pet Blogger, Animal Lover and Creator of The Chesnut Mutts

5 star review

Very Impressive!

"Received and used free sample. Very impressive! The tape to hold the pad in place is a great idea -- especially with two puppies that love to chase each other. The pads don't leak thru and quickly absorb so I didn't have to deal with a 'hit and run' situation."

Joann Morrison, Facebook Review – June 11, 2018

5 star review

Tape on Bottom is Awesome!

"Definitely the best pad I've tryed!! Tape on bottom is awesome! Especially when the puppy runs thru the house they stay in place and there thicker then others so they don't rip easy!! Thanks so much for my sample. BIG thumbs up!"
Terry Fulkrod, Facebook Review – June 7, 2018

5 star review

Loved How Absorbent It Was

"When I received my free sample from the Petrix Company I was pleasantly surprised at how thick the dog pad was. I especially loved how large it was since I have a large breed dog. On our first try- leaving our dog alone while running errands - I was anxious to return home to find little 'gifts'. However, our dog had used the pad and there were no 'gifts'. Removing the pad, I loved how absorbent it was- no more drips or puddles to carefully fold up! I've told other fur-baby parents about Petix's wonderful pads and will be using nothing else!"
Nemethvargo Denise, Facebook Review – May 30, 2018

5 star review

I Love the Thickness and Size

"Thank you for the sample. My family just recently adopted our new family member from the SPCA. She is a very happy puppy,and the pads work well. I love the thickness and size. They hold a lot of fluid,and really are easy for my kids to see when its time to pick up the MESS! I would recommend this product to anyone who likes quality and can afford them,they are worth every penny."
Tanisha Washington, Facebook Review – May 30, 2018

5 star review

By Far the Best Ones I've Used

"Thank you so much for the free sample. I was impressed with the thickness, the thickest I have ever seen. These puppy pads are by far the best ones I have used so far. I liked the tape to hold it in place. Never seen that before. I use doggy potty boxes so I did not need to leave them all around the floor but I did put one on the floor to see how well it stuck. The color I find makes no difference to me. I will be using them over my other brand. Honest opinion not fake."
Diana Morgan, Facebook Review – May 30, 2018

5 star review

Best Training Pads On The Market

"As dog trainer, I’ve used EVERY pad on the market. I’m training my own puppy in my own home - THIS IS THE BEST PAD I HAVE EVER USED!! It’s made like a flat diaper WITH the tape so you can keep the pads in place. And these pads do not leak!"
Misty, Amazon Customer – May 25, 2018

5 star review

Great Help-Potty Training!

"We just got a baby Pomeranian (very spoiled and wants to pee everywhere), he is only 8 weeks old. A friend of mine recommended WizSmart pads and it has been great so far. We have no idea on puppy training but this pads have been a good help so far. We love the fact that they stick on the floors so there are no leaks or accidents. This pad is great, highly recommended. The only thing I will like is to get a bigger size. Thumbs up!"
Jorge, Amazon Customer – April 18, 2018

5 star review

Definitely A Great Pad For Controlling Odor

"Definitely a great pad for controlling odor! It is super absorbent too. Our medium size dog is elderly and has a problem controlling her bladder. We are gone most of the day have tried other pads and so far this pad is the best. There is no unpleasant urine smell. We are thrilled that we finally found a pad that provides a solution for our working family and our dog! Thanks!"
Priscilla Cornell, Amazon Customer – September 21, 2017

5 star review

Great Dog Pad For Small Living Spaces

"Living in the city there's not always a lot of room to place a large or x-large dog pad, which is really what my dog needed. I tried the WizSmart pad because it had a smaller footprint but yet still claimed to hold up to 8 cups of liquid. I'm glad I tried these pads, they have been a lifesaver. Not only do they take up less space in my small apartment, but they do a great job absorbing liquid and drying quickly. I've also noticed that my floors are alot cleaner since switching over to these pads, probably because they dry faster, which means my dog doesn't have to step on a wet pad and then walk around the apartment."
Jillian Klarman, Amazon Customer – September 15, 2017

5 star review

The Pads Work!

"These pads work! I have tried many brands and definitely these are the best! They only come in a 30 pack, but they last much longer. They seems to do a good job keeping the smell away. I just leave them down and my puppy goes several times on the same pad. And I don't have to watch him all the time. So far so good, I really like them. Highly recommend them!"
Amazon Customer – December 17, 2017

5 star review

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