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How to Use

Training your puppy or dog to use WizSmart Dog Pads

How to Use:

Step 1. Place WizSmart dog training pads on the floor, plastic side down. Peel off the Stay Put Tabs and secure the pad to the floor, or the floor and wall for male dogs (see illustrations).

Step 2. During the first few days, try to limit your dog’s circulation area to ensure frequent access to the pad, increasing the effectiveness of the attractant.

Step 3. Bring your dog to the training pad several times a day, especially after eating and drinking. Every time your dog eliminates on the pad be sure to praise!

Step 4. If your dog eliminates in another area, bring the dog back to the pad immediately to reinforce that the pad is the correct place.

Step 5. Repeat this process until your dog has learned to eliminate on the pad consistently.

WizSmart dog training pads work well for puppies and dogs that will be confined to indoor living spaces for any length of time.

Avoid opening the bag in front of your dog as the dog may think it is a toy!