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Attract Customers with a Superior Brand and Product

Quality Product that Drives In-Store Sales

Targeting the needs of puppies and pet parents as well as pet professionals, our patented dog pads can help drive increased traffic to your retail location(s) and provide your customers with quality merchandise to meet their needs and those of their four-legged friends.


Your customers have numerous options when it comes to selecting a dog pee pad, but they haven’t yet experienced Wizsmart pads. Frustrated by pee pads for dogs that do a lousy job absorbing liquids, leaked or smelled, we set off to build a better pad. The result – a dog pee pad that works so that you don’t have to. Combining a unique formula and exclusive blend of materials, Wizsmart dog pads provide superior absorption, a quick-drying surface for extended use and patented Stay Put Tabs that ensure the pad stays in place. They also provide for a male dog pad solution by securing the pad to the floor and wall at a 90-degree angle. And to top it off, Wizsmart pads are made from millions of unused diapers each year, keeping them out of the landfills. Great for your pet and your planet!


Consumers love the product and our results prove it. Having sold more than 300 million pads in Brazil and gaining a 40% market share, we have hundreds of thousands of well-trained and confident dogs and pet parents, to confirm that our product is superior to others available in the market. Introducing the product to North America, we’re committed to achieving the same success in partnership with our distributors and retail locations.

"When I was first approached with WizSmart, I was very hesitant since my customers were so used to wee wee pads. As in any new product, it is usually very difficult to get people to change what they are used to. After my demonstration of pouring a cup of water on a WizSmart pad my customers were sold. Ever since, I have been reordering WizSmart as they have been selling extremely well."
- Howard Binder, Manager, Doggie Do and Playtime Too

"Excellent absorption! The samples opened and demonstrated sell the product. We have lots of repeat sales and I recommend WizSmart dog pads 110%!" 
- Joel Tabor, Montclair Feed & Pet Supply LLC

"I really can't say enough about these pads. They are truly the best! I personally have 5 dogs and quite a few cats that use pads and I am amazed at how well they absorb and how there are no odors after they are used. If your pet is pad trained, you want these pads." 
- Madelena Perrelli, The Diamond Collar


We’re currently working with North America distribution partners to bring the products to your shelves. Offering a premium brand of dog pee pads at a competitive price, we understand the value of profitability and have created a reliable infrastructure in North America to make sure we keep the cost of stocking and fulfilling our product as low as possible. Contact us or talk with your distributor to become one of the first retail locations in your area to carry the product.


Getting the product to your store is only the first step in getting the product in the hands of your customers. After you receive the product, our job is to help you promote it and sell it and that’s exactly what we do through our marketing efforts. From a retailer onboarding kit to onsite sampling and training, to social media support and promotion on our website, we’re dedicated to seeing the success of our product and your profitability.

If you’re interested in bringing innovative pet products to your store, contact us to learn more about pricing, fulfillment and driving more retail sales. We want to work with you and your customers to make WizSmart a premium brand for Pet Specialty Stores, like yours.